Welcome to High School Icon!

Where high school students from all over the globe can participate in the world’s first iconic entertainment platform to showcase talent and discuss social issues that take place in our high schools today.

We know high school can be challenging; that’s why we want to help bridge the gap and promote the arts, music and education to stop bullying and unite all students together as one.

That’s why we created “High School Icon”.

We are currently auditioning high school students in south Florida via two, 60-second videos which they can send to the site.

The first video should consist of the student’s answer to these four questions about their High School:

(Please make sure the video & audio is crisp and clear on your mobile device)

1) What do you love about your high school?
2) What concerns do you have about your high school?
3) What would you change about your high school and why?
4) Who are your role models and why?


The second video should be no longer than 60 seconds and consist of the student singing a song of their choice.

It can be filmed anywhere! Your friends or family can film you! Whomever you like!

(Please make sure the video & audio is crisp and clear on your mobile device)

If chosen, our panel of industry experts will invite the student to participate in our auditions at Pitbull’s SLAM High School in Miami Florida on September 21st and 22nd, 2019.


Please send us the links to your videos on Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube or any other social media platform, via our entry form: http://www.highschoolicon.com/entry-form/

A member of our staff will get back to you within 24 hours.

Have Fun & Good Luck!


Mike Gibb – son of Grammy award-winning music artist, Barry Gibb, from the Bee Gees.
Abebe Lewis – son of Ian Lewis from the world-famous reggae band “Inner Circle”.
Teflon – producer for Grammy winning album of the year for Sting and Shaggy.
Mike Sherman – host and creator of the CBS TV Miami show, Before the Fame.

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions and putting you on television, performing in front of hundreds of your fellow students!